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About Us

Senior Pastor
Prophetess Lydia Bukari 

Founder and Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor, Prophetess Bukari is an anointed and appointed woman called by God.  Prophetess Lydia Bukari was born in Ghana, African and was called by God at a young age.  Even though she did not answer the call right away there was a burning inside of her to lead woman to their destiny in God.  Prophetess believes in the power of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  She believes there is power in the Blood of Jesus to heal, deliver and make free.  Prophetess Bukari walks in the power of the Holy Spirit to destroy yokes off of God’s people.  She is a prophetic preacher and teacher who delivers God message with power and demonstration.

Prophetess Bukari began her ministry in the garage of her home with women that lived in the area.  She ministered deliverance, healing, and the word of God and above all; love to these women.  As the women began to spread the women of their healing, more women begin to come for healing and deliverance.

As the meetings began to grow, God spoke to Prophetess Bukari to come out of garage and start Moment with Christ Ministries.  He gave her Jeremiah 1:10 “SEE, I HAVE THIS DAY SET THEE OVER THE NATIONS AND OVER THE KINGDOMS, TO ROOT OUT, AND TO PULL DOWN, AND TO DESTROY, AND TO THROW DOWN, TO BUILD, AND TO PLANT.”  This scripture has become the foundation of Moment with Christ Ministries which has been in submission to God for past 6 years.

Her mission is to win souls for Christ, to restore the back-slider and bring in those that are in need of healing for their souls.  To help men and women that are suffering with unhealed hurts, unmet needs and unmet expectation become whole in Christ. She teaches that a relationship with Christ Jesus must be established to destroy the yokes of Satan.  She has made it her purpose to root out, pull down and destroy the works of the enemy.  She is adamant about building up and planting men and women in God by teaching them who they are in Christ.  She speaks to men to stand up and take they place as head of household and for women to take their place as help mates to the man as Genesis 2:18 indicates.

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